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 News about California Flight?

New EP/LP/CD/Singles/DVD/Vinyl releases will be in stores worldwide  .

Entitled: California Flight Project IV "HOPE".

Entitled: Project 5 California Flight : Worldwide release.

July 14th 2015 Release on Famous Music Fontana Records/

Universal Music Groups Distribution Promotions

Single release's California Flight Project IV Jan 08.World Wide Release.

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1.That's My Jam That's My song,

2.Throw Your Hands Up,

3. Hope.

4.To Know me is To love me.

5. Soul Provided.

New Lp California Flight Project V "Just A Reminder" 2011.

Single release's Jan 11. World Wide Release.

1. Hold on 2 Big daddy 2 me baby.

2. So Pleasant.

3. Just A Reminder.

4. Interesting.

5.Summer is Here.

6.Put your make up on.

7.Oakland Girl Change my World.

8.Taken Charge taken over.

9.I'm on a mission to win her love back.

10.That's what it is.


12.Peace out Peace Now that is Necessary.

13.Keep on improvin ,groovin,movin.

14.I qualify for your love.

What's New with California Flight Tours?

Current Tours kicks off in Fairfield California September 3,2005.

they will cover the states of California into Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona and Utah, Denver Colorado.South West, South East, Mid West, Eastern Shore States and major cities in 50 States USA. Europe Tour TBA. Check you local listing of places and time of California Flight & Jerry J performances.Or contact: or

California Flight & Jerry J of Black Diamond Records/IHP Media groups have ink a agreement with Pacific Coast Jazz Records for 3 years starting July 27 2007 to distribute all of Black Diamond Records/IHP Media Music and Music DVD: The California Flight LP release date schedule for July  2008 on Pacific Coast Jazz Record Label  will handle video's. For more email or call 1-888 566 6421 pin number #1570775

California Flight & Kennis Music Groups of Lagos Nigeria are joining together. For A World Tour for 2010 .


2013 news:
 Jerry J & California Flight Project was nominated again for the 4th time for a Grammy for sings submitted :

Oakland Girls & Summer is Here, Cutest Smile.


I Hear Radio online unsigned Top Hip Hop & R&B category have propelled them to realms unknown. release on I Heart Radio in 2011 .


'Cutest Smile"

 the single have crack open radio stations world wide with their classic pop hip hop funk  track.

The LP " California Flight Project 5 " Just A Reminder will be releasse in 2013. Its cracking Hott. Their more coming stay tune.